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I write from a frame of reference that comes from reading similar books, written by well known authors, over the last 45 years. I found new ideas and illustrations I had not read before, with refreshing concepts on a subject that has been handled by other authors, but with an innovative and easily grasped style that you will enjoy, learn from and easy to apply.

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Ideas are Debra's big thing and from the title of her book she carries this through, inspiring us to free our minds and chase fresh ideas, to "keep filling our pool of ideas", always thinking, always working towards the next big idea! She pushes the reader to think and keep thinking, to always put in that bit to be more! She uses extensive quotes to back her ideas, bringing many well known authors to our party around her shoes, keeping the pace going and always pushing the reader further! A great read and I will certainly be reading her next book!

Great Easy Read!

Great easy read with some novel ideas to stimulate creative thinking.
Ideas Like Shoes Take You Places
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